age spots

Treatment for age spots in Bhubaneswar

Providing Wide Ranges Of Age Spot Solutions For Aesthetic Appeal

There are plenty of people who feel problematic when there is a black spot on their face, primarily occurring due to the aging process. This amounts to concerns, which we have seen in our patients at Radiance Clinics in Bhubaneswar. Accordingly, we provide the right treatment to them, initially acclimatising them with the different options that they have in this particular field.

There are certain drugs like isotretinoin, hydroquinone with which bleaching can be done. But more effective is the laser and intense pulsed light therapy, which is meant to destroy the melanin producing cells. Cryotherapy is also another option in which the patients can be freed of their dark aging spots. We also perform the dermabrasion and chemical peel methods of removing age spots. All these produces great results, for which our centre is highly sought after.