What to expect having laser treatment in Bhubaneswar

Laser hair removal, also called laser hair reduction, is a safe and effective means to get rid of unwanted hair from the body without the help of cosmetic surgery. Without the use of any light-based devices, this nature of treatment leaves the skin smooth and silkier than if you use waxing, electrolysis or razor to get rid of unwanted hair. Additionally, this delicate process can cover larger areas, and you will not have any discomfort during the treatment. We at Radiance Clinics have the best set-up and dermatologists to offer the best laser treatment in Bhubaneswar.

The working nature of laser hair removal 

The hair pigment called melanin absorbs the laser during the process of treatment. The light energy has conversion to heat, damaging the tube-shaped sacs inside the skin that produces the hair. As the hair follicles have damage, the product of hair temporarily gets restricted. The feel you will have during the treatment will be like a rubber band snapping on your skin. In other words, the treatment is painless.

There are specific body parts where this nature of hair removal works best. This treatment is ideal for the back, chest, neck, shoulders, bikini areas and face.

Laser Treatment In Bhubaneswar

We use the most modern laser hair removal method at our clinic, so you can expect to have the best of results. In addition, our reputed dermatologists use diode hair removal for dark-skinned people. In this process, a diode laser of a longer wavelength has usage.

We also have the arrangement to use laser AFT, the newest feature of laser hair removal. There are many advantages of this nature of hair removal. The best thing about this process is that it can have used in people of any skin colour. Therefore, it is the safest method to have hair removal.

What you can expect from the treatment

As mentioned earlier, you can expect to notice a delay in hair growth after the initial session of the treatment. After two to eight weeks, you may again begin to see an increase in hair growth in the treated area. The hair growth will be lifeless and is the hair that the body casts out.

Laser Treatment In Bhubaneswar

If you desire to have permanent hair removal, there is the necessity of three to eight sessions. Our skin specialist will analyze the hair growth pattern of yours and let you know the actual number of sessions required for permanent hair removal. If you desire to have the best result, then you need to have a maintenance treatment once each year for a couple of years.

The hair colour and skin type influence the success rate of this nature of hair removal treatment. As the basic principle is that the hair pigment needs to absorb the laser. It should be such that the hair follicles have damaged, not the skin. So it is that people with dark hair and light skin can expect to have the best result.

The aftercare you need to have 

As for aftercare, you can use ice packs, cold water, or anti-inflammatory cream to smooth the treated area. Before the treatment, you will have detailed advice from our skin specialist about aftercare.

Cost you to have bear 

Though the cost of the treatment depends on the area treated, we can say with certainty that laser hair removal cost in Bhubaneswarat our clinic is the best. Though our price is affordable, we never compromise on quality.

When one can expect to observe results after having laser hair removal in Bhubaneswar at Radiance Clinics

Have you chosen to put resources into a laser treatment program for hair removal? If yes, it is very typical to think when you can expect to see results.

Tragically, there is no authoritative response to the inquiry regarding when one can notice outcomes.

We at Radiance Clinics shed some light as to what you may sensibly expect. We also clarify the reasons why countless such meetings will be required and why the ideal result will need some time to accomplish when having laser hair removal in Bhubaneswar at our clinic.

The working nature of laser hair removal 

To comprehend why results are not prompt, the principal thing to consider is how laser hair removal really works.

Without broadly expounding, the light beam from the laser targets melanin, the dull pigment found in hair and skin, which gives it its tone, seen in concentration around the foundation of the hair follicle.

Laser Hair Removal In Bhubaneswar

This produces heat, which harms the follicle, making the hair drop out roughly one to fourteen days after treatment. The point is to make sufficient harm to damage the follicle for all time. It hence follows that a few outcomes might have requirements after the principal treatment.

Variables Affecting Time for Results 

  • The portion of the Body Treated 

A central point deciding the timeframe needed to see ideal outcomes is the space of the body having laser treatment for hair removal.

It makes sense that the bigger the region and denser the hair dealt with, the more sessions will probably be required.

Likewise, as referenced beforehand, the development process shifts, relying on the portion of the body part having laser hair removal. This will decide the time prone to be required between treatments and how long before one can notice critical outcomes. If we look at hairs at various body parts, we will see the difference in time required to observe desired results. As hair development has a genetic linkage, the average development cycles fluctuate from one individual to another.

The initial few treatments will probably be at intervals of between 4 to six weeks, contingent upon the space, to attempt to get whatever number of hairs as expected under the circumstances inside the developing stage.

After these initial treatments, timing in the middle will probably turn out to be longer and dependent on when new hair development gets observable.

Laser Hair Removal Cost In Bhubaneswar

  • Individual Reaction 

As earlier referenced, hair development cycles have genetic linkage, which implies that response to laser treatment will shift contingent upon the person’s genetic make-up.

There is narrative proof that some fortunate people accomplish excellent outcomes inside a short time interval, some, in any event, professing to have accomplished lasting hair removal.

On the other hand, in any case, there are people for whom laser treatment has not worked by any stretch of the imagination.

This makes it difficult to give a firm assurance concerning what amount of time it will require to observe results. We would counsel alert before having treatment at any clinic that claims otherwise.

One needs to have a patch test something like fourteen days preceding treatment starting. This should give a sign concerning the possible adequacy of laser hair removal for the individual concerned.

Previously, laser hair removal has just been powerful for those with fair complexion and dark hair. Anyway, innovation has progressed, and there are sure lasers that can now viably treat those with darker skin tones.

The laser hair removal cost in Bhubaneswarat our clinic is affordable, and our motto is to offer the best hair and skin treatment. So do contact such when you require the best of skin and hair treatments.