How Effective is Mesotherapy in Treating Cellulite

mesotherapy in treating cellulite


Many of us have fats in unwanted parts of our body. There can be fat deposition in your face and body that is hard to remove. Only a healthy lifestyle is not sufficient to eliminate fat from areas like your face and neck. It is frustrating; however, you will be glad to know that having mesotherapy treatment from us at Radiance Clinics will help you relieve these fats without any surgical intervention.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy treatment

The best, safe, and effective method to get rid of unwanted fat is mesotherapy. The technique developed in France and used since 1952. You can improve cellulite, have relief from localized fat deposits, have weight loss, and have benefits to prevent aging when you have this treatment. Our dermatologists inject a combination of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals into the body during the treatment. The injection happens in the mesoderm layer of fat. The components of the injection dissolve the fat. The fat then becomes dissolved into the bloodstream. The excess fat then has elimination from the bloodstream. This treatment method helps to eliminate fibrous materials causing cellulite, enabling to have a smoother skin appearance.

mesotherapy treatment

Best way to treat cellulite

Mesotherapy treatment from us is the best way to treat cellulite. Cellulite can happen to any person of any age. It is possible to have rid of cellulite quickly having this nature of the treatment. As the injection targets the actual cause of cellulite, you can expect to have quick relief. The stage of the cellulite determines how fast you can have comfort. There are four stages of cellulite, 0, 1, 2, and 3. The stage determines the nature and number of seating required.

Our dermatologists will examine and determine the stage of the cellulite and determine the number of seating required. They have good experience and knowledge to offer the best of such treatment, and we ensure that you can have that at an affordable cost.

A patient needs to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to have the best of this nature of the treatment. You can see the result when you weigh or measure the inches that you have lost. There can be a necessity to have numerous injections. The number of injection depends on the level of cellulite. The entire process is painless and is not a drawn-out one. Just after having the treatment, you can return to everyday life.

It is not that you can have mesotherapy treatment only for cellulite. It is also an effective treatment to treat hair loss. You can avail this form of therapy at Radiance Clinics and trust our mesotherapist to have the best treatment.