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Breast Augmentation is a form of plastic surgery that offers a woman many options for changing the size and shape of her breasts. Technology and medical procedures have improved drastically in recent years, and this type of cosmetic surgery is far less invasive than it has been in past years. During breast implant surgery, doctors place sacks filled with saline or silicone implants behind the breast tissue or the pectoralis (chest) muscle to enhance or enlarge a woman's breasts. These implants can increase breast size by one or more bra cup sizes. If there is a significant size difference between breasts, implants can make them equal. Breast implants are "envelopes" filled with saline solution or silcon gel filled. They vary in size and shape, and the implant your plastic surgeon recommends will depend on your anatomy and desired results. Your plastic surgeon may use any of a number of surgical techniques, depending on your body type and the desired result. He or she will make an incision under the arm, in the crease between the breast and the chest, or around the areola (the darkened pigment around the nipple), where the scar will be less conspicuous. The doctor then inserts an implant between the breast and the chest wall.

Good candidates

Breast implants can give you a better-proportioned figure. You're a good candidate for breast implants if you are healthy, your breasts are fully developed, and you have realistic expectations about the results. Changing your breast size will not change your life, but it may make you feel better about your body. You may want to consider breast enlargement if:

  • Your breasts' size and/or shape bother you -- and you've felt this way for a long time.
  • You've always had small breasts and want a fuller bustline.
  • Your clothing fits at the waist and hips, but not at the bustline.
  • If your breasts have lost volume, shape or firmness due to weight loss, childbirth or aging.
  • You feel self-conscious about one breast being noticeably smaller than the other.

Risks The cons of this surgery mostly revolve around the healing process. When a woman has had this type of plastic surgery, she should expect that some time will be needed for full recovery. A special surgical bra is usually worn for a few days after this cosmetic surgery, to support the breast and allow healing. A woman will find that she will need to avoid heavy lifting or exercise until she is healed properly. Usually, a woman can return to her usual routines after several weeks.

Preparing for breast implants Before getting breast implants, talk honestly with your surgeon about your expectations; he or she can tell you if they're realistic. Before surgery, ask your surgeon about the location and size of the surgical incisions. Your plastic surgeon and the office staff will tell you which medications and nutritional supplements -- including aspirin and aspirin-containing products -- you must stop taking before surgery. If you smoke, you should stop at least one month before surgery.

Recovery After surgery, you'll need to support your breasts 24 hours a day. At first, your stitches will be taped and bandaged. When the doctor determines you can wear a surgical bra, follow his or her instructions carefully. By supporting your breasts during this period, you are more likely to avoid pain and discomfort. And by supporting your breasts while they settle into place, you're more likely to get the results you want. After a few days, you can return to your regular activities, except for exercise. While you're healing, avoid vigorous movement, especially with your arms. Over the next few months, your breasts will heal and settle, and you'll begin to see your body in a new light.

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