Sebottheic Dermatitis

A typical skin problem that mostly affects your scalp is Sebottheic dermatitis. The cheeks, sides of the nostrils, eyebrows, ears, eyelids, and chest are typical oily body regions affected. Although it does not lead to permanent loss of hair and is not infectious, this disease can be unpleasant.

Without therapy, Sebottheic dermatitis can fade away. To eliminate symptoms and stop flare-ups, you might also need to use medicinal shampoo or other items on a long-term basis.

Dandruff, Sebottheic eczema, and Sebottheic psoriasis are other names for Sebottheic dermatitis. The condition is known as cradle cap when it affects newborns.

It is unclear what causes Sebottheic dermatitis. It could be brought on by the Malassezia yeast, too much sebum in the skin, or an immune system issue.

At Radiance hair and skin, our doctor will probably ask you about the signs and examine your skin to see if you have Sebottheic dermatitis. A little portion of your skin will get examined in a lab. This examination aids in excluding other problems. Medication-infused shampoos, creams, and lotions are the principal therapies for Sebottheic dermatitis in adults and adolescents. If over-the-counter remedies and self-care practises are ineffective, our doctor may advised pills.

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