follicular unit extraction

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Follicular Unit Extraction Being Adopted For Good Result In Transplantation

Among the various methods by which the hair transplantation is being done in the scalp, the features of follicular unit extraction seem to be quite popular. It is a method that is being carried out by Radiance Hair Clinics in most patients, as they prefer the finest procedures leading to best results.

For most practical purposes, the FUE technology is about harvesting the hair to be implanted in a certain way, due to which such a name has been provided. In this process, an incision is made around the follicle of hair and the skin with the follicle is then taken out. After that, the hair follicle is then extracted separately and then made ready to be put in the recipient area. Hence, the donor area is supposedly an important part of the process in which the extraction of the follicle to be grafted is carried out.

At Radiance Hair Clinics, we have developed specialised motorized pump which pick up the follicle with the bit of skin around, so that it is much quicker and healing is quite faster. By such method, the number of grafts transplanted per day can be more than being usually done by other centres.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Bhubaneswar

In this method of FUE procedure, there is no incision on the scalp so that there is no question of having a scar left in the region. This is sure to give people better confidence in the way the process is being carried out. Thereby, it is also assured that patients can return to their work within quick time, when they are able to get the right technique as provided by the expert surgeons in the centre.

A visit to Radiance Hair Clinics will allow you a good idea about the way these programs are being carried out. Also, it will let you know about the pricing and the different types of packages under which the treatment profiles can be completed.