Mole Removal

mole removal in Radiance Clinic


Get rid of unwanted moles by Mole Removal in Odisha from face by laser treatment procedure. To know more about our procedure visit Radiance Clinics. Radiance clinic has been equipped with revolutionary new piece of equipment that removes warts, moles and other skin bumps - quickly, efficiently, with no bleeding and much-reduced scarring.

What is a Mole?

Apart from being a furry animal with large paws that digs holes in lawns, one of the other common colloquial meanings refers to a growth in the skin! In medical circles this commonly denotes a harmless intradermal naevus. (INTRA – means within, DERMAL means skin, NAEVUS means lump) Moles therefore are merely harmless overgrowths of tissue from within the skin of uncertain cause.

Why Should I consider Mole Removal?

Purely cosmetic reasons alone. Many people feel that this is an expression of some vanity, however most people see themselves and their interactions with others hampered by moles growing in awkward very visible places. This can affect self esteem and they are then better removed. Very occasionally there is a risk of cancer, thus there should be the option to send the lesion away to be checked.

What is the best method for Mole Removal?

  • Radio surgical Mole Removal

Radio surgery is our preferred method of mole removal. The mole removal machine emits ultra-high frequency radio waves into the skin that excite the water within the cells of the mole. The cells vaporise leaving patients with no mole!! The mole can easily be sent away to be checked for any harmful cells or cancer of any sort. Most mole removal procedures only require one visit and on average take just 15-20 minutes. Scarring is virtually non existent, the mole heals over in a few days leaving little trace that the lesion was ever there.

  • Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is another option. There are lasers that can burn off moles such as Erbium Yag and CO2 laser.