The most modern alopecia treatment in Bhubaneswar

Alopecia is a common autoimmune disorder leading to unpredicted hair fall. If you have such a problem, you are not alone as 147 million people worldwide suffer from this disorder. However, there is nothing to be worried about or frustrated about. You can have the best alopecia treatment in Bhubaneswar at our Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics.

When you need to consult our dermatologist 

You may be thinking about when you need to be at our best alopecia clinic in Bhubaneswar. If you notice these symptoms, it is wise to consult our dermatologist.

  • Small hairless patches on your scalp or body.
  • Patches join to form a bigger spot.
  • Though hair grows in one spot but falls in another spot.
  • The loss of hair over a period of time is abnormal.
  • Suffer from hair loss during winter.
  • If you notice that your fingernails and toenails become red and brittle.  

If you notice these symptoms do not waste time visiting our clinic.


Why we are the best alopecia clinic in Bhubaneswar 

Many patients suffering from alopecia come to Bhubaneswar to have treatment. Most of them come to our clinic as we have the reputation to be the best alopecia clinic in Bhubaneswar. There are a few reasons to be the best clinic to treat alopecia. Be it a surgical or non-surgical mode of treatment our dermatologists have the required experience and knowledge to offer the best treatment.

If the treatment prescribed is surgical our clinic has all the required equipment to offer such treatment.

So, whatever may be the alopecia treatment in Bhubaneswar prescribed you can have that at our clinic.

The possible alopecia treatment in Bhubaneswar

As told earlier the treatment for alopecia can be surgical and non-surgical. The most common form of treatment may be the use of corticosteroids. It can have applied by injection or as a tropical ointment.

If our dermatologist thinks that the best treatment needs to be other than systemic or invasive therapies, they may use photochemotherapy to treat alopecia. 

Tropical immunotherapy is another nature of treatment that our dermatologist can adopt. 

So, if you are suddenly noticing bald patches, it is wise to call us to book an appointment to have quality treatment for alopecia paying an affordable charge. Our main objective is to offer the quality treatment without making our clients face any financial hardship. 

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