Hair Transplant in Balasore

How Hair Transplant in Balasore Has Helped People With Loss Of Hair

We at Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics believe in transparency. We never hide anything from our clients. That is why before you come to our clinic to have a hair transplant in Balasore, we desire that you know certain facts about hair transplants. Let us know the essential facts that are ideal to know before having a hair transplant.

Affordable cost for hair transplant

We know that a hair transplant is a costly procedure. However, we have tried our level best to keep the cost as low as possible at our hair transplant clinic in Balasore so that no one feels a pinch in their pocket to have a hair transplant at our clinic. Moreover, we have not compromised on quality to make our rates affordable.

The working nature of hair transplant in Balasore

The entire process of hair transplantation is about relocating healthy hair follicles from the donor area to the area where there is thinning of hair. After hair transplantation at our clinic, you can expect for the rest of your life you can have relief from balding. This is such that the hair follicles that our hair specialists extract are genetically resistant to baldness and work in the same nature irrespective of their location.

Will hair after hair transplantation look natural?

After having a hair transplant in Balasore at our clinic, the hair will look so natural that even your hair stylist will not be able to find the difference. It is wise to be at our clinic to have such natural-looking hair as our specialists have the best skills and access to modern technologies to undertake the best nature of hair transplant. Moreover, after the initial examination, they select the proper procedure to transplant hair.

How long does a session of hair transplant continue at hair transplant clinic in Balasore?

A session of hair transplant involves grafting 1500 to 3000 follicles. The entire process will be a day-long journey. However, after the session, you can walk out without any constraints.

Hair Transplant Balasore
Hair Transplant in Balasore

Does it hurt to have hair transplanted?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure; however, the pain is less. Moreover, to be on the safe side, we apply local anaesthesia to the donor and recipient area. So, during the process, our patients do not feel any pain. After the transplantation, there will be some amount of soreness or numbness but that will not be painful.

Is it necessary to have any medication after a hair transplant?

No, it is not necessary to maintain the transplanted hair as they are permanent. We have discussed a few of the essential facts that you need to know before having a hair transplantation at our clinic. Call us to book an appointment at our hair transplant clinic in Balasore if you are suffering from a hair fall.

Making patients comfortable for choosing the procedures

Apart from having the finest hands at your service, we have ensured that when you arrive at Radiance, the peaceful and calm ambience makes you comfortable. This is a feature of our services, which gives the best regards to the patients and their mindset, with them making informed decisions about the procedures to be adopted.