Dark Circles

Dark circles are a widespread issue that can affect people of any age or gender. Since it makes one seem worried, unwell, or older, it is a serious cosmetic problem for the majority of those who have this illness. It is challenging to cure partly because the reason is complicated and multifaceted. It is a little more typical in persons of color and is also referred to as per orbital hypermelanosis. Causes include:

Genetics: Frequently seen to be handed on from mother into daughter.

Constitutional: Individuals who consistently have low levels of hemoglobin or who don’t get enough sleep.

Typically, dark circles beneath the eyes are not a medical issue. If the swelling and darkening under only one eye seem to become worse over time, speak with your primary care physician. If you want something longer-lasting than what concealers as well as over-the-counter creams can provide, ask a dermatologist for advice.

The skin around the eyes is continuously inflamed in the conditions atopic dermatitis as well as allergic contact dermatitis, which causes friction those results in the formation of the dark spots. At Radiance skin and hair clinic, we will help you treat your under eye dark circles by diagnosing skin. Then our experts will create a treatment plan that will effectively remove the dark circles.

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