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This is the type of hair loss that affects males the most frequently. It often runs in families and has a significant genetic propensity. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male hormone, is a factor in hair loss. The hair follicles’ miniaturisation, which results in patterned hair loss and thinning, is caused by this.

The loss of hair is often bitemporal, with frontal weakening and vertex loss that manifests as a hairline that is receding. It only occurs in men with androgenetic hair loss.The Hamilton-Norwood scale assigns a rating to the severity from 1 to 7. Early detection and treatment of this illness are key to halting its development and restoring healthy hair onscalp.Male pattern hair loss is not harmful. Although they may start as early as their late teens or early 20s, most people begin to see the early symptoms of male pattern hair loss by their 30s.

Your crown’s hair loss often takes the form of a circle. An “M”-shaped receding hairline is a common occurrence. Hair loss around the top of your head and temples may converge into a “U” shape as you continuing to lose hair. AT Radiance, we treat your hair loss problem by diagnosing the root cause of your hairloss. We then offer the exact treatment that can cure your hairlosss problem

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