Itchy welts are a result of urticaria, a skin response. Urticariathat persist for a period of six weeks or more and frequently recur over the course of months or years are referred to as chronic hives. The root reason of persistent hives is frequently unclear.

The Urticariafrequently begins as itchy areas that develop into swollen, variable-sized welts. The welts develop and disappear at randomly as the response progresses.

Urticariathat last a long time can be quite unpleasant and disrupt sleep as well as daily activities. Anti-itch medications (antihistamines) provide relief for many individuals. If you experience severe symptoms or symptoms that last for longer than a few days, you must consult us at Radiance Skin and Hair clinic. We have certified professionals to treat you seamlessly.

You are not suddenly at danger of a significant allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) if you have chronic hives. With our immediate attention we will cure your Urticaria, if you experience severe allergic reaction-related hives. Dizziness, difficulty breathing, including swelling on the tongue, lips, mouth, or throat are all cured with our effective treatment.

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