It is a skin disorder that is characterized by brown, blue-gray, or freckle-like areas on the skin. Many people refer to it as the “mask of pregnancy.” The cells that determine your skin’s color produce too much of themselves, which results in melasma. It is common, safe, and certain treatments could be beneficial. Usually, melasma disappears after a couple of months.Melasma often develops on your cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead, upper lip, and surrounding skin.. Melasma may really damage any area of your skin than is exposed to the sun. Because of this, the majority of melasma sufferers observe that their symptoms are worse in the summer.People with fairer complexion are less prone to get melasma than individuals with deeper brown skin or who tan easily. Melasma affects 10% of males and 90% of women, making women more prone to develop it than men. Melasma affects pregnant women more frequently than anyone else. If you use oral contraceptives or hormones, you’re also at danger.

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