Causes Of Hair-Loss

Major Common & Not-So-Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Key Reasons

Physical & Emotional Stress: Any kind of physical and mental stress including trauma, severe illness, accident, anxiety or any other stress can cause severe hair loss among both men and women.

Intake Of Excessive Vitamin A: Excessive consumption of vitamin A or medications can also trigger hair loss.

Lack Of Protein & Vitamin B: If your regular diet lacks Vitamin B and protein; you may experience severe hair loss.

Heredity Issues: The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary issues including male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness.

Imbalanced Female Hormone: Just like pregnancy, any other issues like taking birth control pills can cause imbalanced female hormone and eventually hair loss.

Medical Conditions: Severe illness and syndromes with excessive consumption of medications and drugs can foster hairlessness among both men and women.

Use Of Hair Styling Products: Ladies who regularly use hair styling tools or products may experience a higher amount of hair loss.

Hair Loss is Common These Days

Hair loss is widely noticed both among men and women, and it’s pretty reasonable to some extent. However, excessive hair loss can affect not your scalp but your entire body and personality as well. In compared to women, men are more likely to lose hair more, mostly because of the male pattern baldness. But thinning hair and split ends are more common among women, which is also no less demoralizing.

And the Causes of Hair Loss can range from the simple and temporary – vitamin deficiency to the more complex causes like a sinking health issue or genetic aspects. It also can be the effect of hormonal changes, genetics, excessive use of medications, and medical conditions. In most of the hair loss cases, there are medical treatments available to treat both male and female hair loss problems, and it all depends on the causes.

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