Hair transplant in Rourkela

The causes that require having hair transplant in Rourkela from Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics

There may be various causes to have hair loss. We normally lose some hair daily; however, that loss does not make us lose our self-confidence as such loss gets compensated within a brief time frame. However, sometimes, we suffer from excessive hair loss and we turn up having baldness not only in our scalp but in other parts of our body. If you notice such excessive hair loss, it is wise to contact us as we have the ability and expertise to offer the best hair transplant in Rourkela.

You may be confused as to whether we have the ability to offer the best hair transplant treatment for hair loss due to various reasons. Let us see what are the reasons for hair loss that we can offer treatment to. ​

Hair transplant treatment for hair loss due to the following reasons is possible to have at our well-equipped clinics. Our specialists at first access the cause then offer the best possible hair transplant treatment.​

Physical and emotional stress​

It is quite common that we all suffer some level of stress. It can be physical or emotional. It can be due to trauma, severe illness, accident, and anxiety. Such stress can cause hair loss in both sexes and we can offer the best treatment for such hair loss using new-age equipment.

Having excessive of vitamin A​

If anyone has excessive vitamin A or any other medications it can lead to hair loss. During the initial appointment, our specialists try to have knowledge about your medicine consumption and determine if there is any excessive intake. Such assessment helps them to ascertain the best hair transplant treatment procedure.

Deficiency of protein and Vitamin B​

It may be that your daily diet does not offer you the required quantity of protein or vitamin B. Such deficiency can lead to severe hair loss. It is not that every time hair transplant treatment needs to be surgical, our specialists can prescribe non-surgical treatment depending on the cause and amount of hair loss.

Medical conditions​

Certain medical conditions like severe illness, syndromes, or the necessity of excessive medicine intake can lead to excessive hair loss in both sexes. Our specialists can offer the best hair transplant treatment to regain your self-confidence.

These are some of the reasons to experience hair loss. If you experience hair loss you need to contact us at the earliest opportunity so that we can offer you the best treatment before the condition goes out of hand.

Hair transplant in Rourkela