Skin Growth

A skin Growthis a little, floppy patch of skin that hangs there and may have a stalk, or peduncle. They often occur when skin scrapes against flesh or clothes. If someone wants to get rid of them, they can use over-the-counter drugs and minimal surgery.

Skin Growthare quite prevalent and often appear after midlife. Both men and women are equally impacted.Additionally typical locations for skin tags include the sides, belly, or back.

Skin Growthare more common in persons who are overweight, becoming pregnant, or possess loose skin because they form when skin scrapes against skin.

Additionally, if you have diabetes, the high elevated blood pressure, unfavorable blood sugar levels, excess belly fat, or unfavorable cholesterol levels), or if someone in your family has skin tags, you are more likely to get them yourself. A number of skin tags can be promptly and securely removed by our dermatologist at Radiance hair and skin clinic during your clinic visit, frequently without the requirement for a second appointment.

Our dermatologist’s course of action will be determined by the dimension of the skin’s tag, its location on your body, along with other factors.

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