Making Laser Hair Removal Smooth Process For Men And Women With Advanced Aft And Diode

Before the introduction of the advanced hair removal treatment in Bhubaneswar by Radiance Hair Clinics, most patients would have to go through torturous process of removal of unwanted hair from different parts of the body. There are processes like the waxing, creams for self removal, painful electrolysis methods and razor removal. When people are not able to get proper access to quality methods with assured results, they are sure to resort to such methods. But, Radiance Hair Clinics has given thousands of people safe and effective means of body hair removal in Bhubaneswar using advanced laser and diode technology for both men and women. We do these processes with complete confidence of the patients after providing them with the necessary information.

How hair removal process is carried out

At present, the most advanced systems of hair removal from different body parts are the use of laser AFT method and diode. In the former, the Advanced Fluorescence Technology or AFT is used to put intensified pulsed light on the hair while in the diode laser method, long wavelength of light is used for hair removal on darker skin texture. Both these methods are highly effective, producing very fine results and effects the parts of body, from where you would be interested to remove unwanted body hair.

Diode hair removal

In the process of diode laser hair removal, our expert cosmetologists will guide you about the suitability of the condition, so that you would be assured about the outcome of the process.

This is primarily a process by which the diode laser of larger wavelength can be put on dark skinned people. It penetrates properly and smoothly through the epidermal layer and removals the hair follicles, without destroying any other part. Since this kind of laser beam tends to be focussed on larger skin area, it is possible to go for faster healing process. Overall advantages of diode laser are many, for which people are willing to undergo such process with consultation of their doctors and bring around the best in hair removal.

Laser AFT

  • Advanced Fluorescence Technology is one of the newest features of laser hair removal from the different parts of the body, where laser light is focussed on the single hair strand. The intense pulsed light system releases filtered light on the follicle, so that it very finely destroys the follicle and makes it fall off. Laser AFT technique can be gradually extended to different other hair strands and gradually, all the unwanted hair can be removed.
  • Many advantages of the laser AFT have brought popularity for this kind of therapy for hair removal at our set up of Radiance Hair Clinics, so that people come for finding the most appropriate answer to this particular type of method. It is quite safe and can be utilised for all types of skin colours and hairs at any part of the body. But, it is particularly suited for hair with melanin as it is absorbed by the melanin, heating up the hair and then destroying the follicle. In a way, this is about the safest method for people to get their hair removal without the fear of scarring or pain. Depending on the number of hairs to be removed, the time would have to be decided.
  • Whenever you are interested for getting some hair removal from your body, do make sure that you look up for the Radiance Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar and ensure that the right kind of laser treatment is provided through laser AFT or diode technology in consultation with our cosmetologists.

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