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The most uncomfortable leftovers of acne, both old and new, are acne scars. They are brought on by nodular and cystic acne, which heal slowly and with the development of scar tissue. They are far more difficult to cure than acne. Acne scars can either be high (hypertrophic) or sunken (atrophic), and the latter type can be identified by characteristics such as ice picking scars, box scars, and rolling scars. Although ice-pick scars resemble tiny holes in the outermost layer of skin, they are challenging to cure because they are fairly deep. Box scars are oval or long and resemble skin rips; however they are shallower or saucer-shaped. Rolling scars seem wavy and undulating. So, it is the first priority of our medical professional treating acne to steer clear of scarring as much as possible and, in the event that scarring does occur, to treat it aggressively. Acne scars, regardless of their appearance, are linked to a lot of mental pain and confidence loss in young people. Acne patches are the brownish, flat scars that mild acne leaves behind.At, Radiance skin and hair clinic, we take extra care of our patients and ensure complete removal of all the Acne scars. We have the most experienced professionals to seamlessly remove your Acne scars.

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