Age Spots

Small, flat, black blotches on the skin are known as age spots. They come in different sizes, and because they are subjected to the sun the most, they usually appear on the face, fingers, shoulders, and arms. Age spots are sometimes referred to as sunspots, spots on the liver, and solar lentigines.

Age spots—areas of heightened pigmentation—is more prone to form in light-skinned people who spend a great deal of their time in the sun.

Age spots might resemble malignant growths. True age marks don’t require medication, but they can be a symptom of extensive sun exposure and your skin’s defense mechanism against more UV damage. They can either be lightened or deleted for aesthetic purposes.All skin types are susceptible to age spots, however those with light skin are more likely to develop them. Age spots do not vanish, in contrast to freckles, which are frequent in children and disappear when exposed to no sunlight.

There are several treatments with us at Radiance skin and hair clinic to lighten or eradicate age spots if you wish them to be less obvious. The therapies by us intended to lighten wrinkles and age spots enter the epidermis, the top layer of skin, where the pigment is since it is there.

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