Fungal Infection

Fungi include tiny creatures like mould and mildew.. The human body, the water, and the air are all home to fungi. The majority of fungi are dangerous. A fungal infection may develop on your skin if one of the dangerous fungus touches it. You can start to itch or get a rash. A fungal rash can appear on anyone. Up to 20–25% of the world’s population is said to be susceptible to superficial wounds of nails and skin, making them the most prevalent type of infection.

You can be more susceptible to getting a rash on the skin if you:

Have a compromised immune system, such as if you use immunosuppressive drugs, have an illness that compromises immunity, or are receiving chemotherapy.

  • Take prolonged or powerful antibiotics.
  • Have too much weight.
  • Possess diabetes.
  • Try a brand-new skin care item.


At Radiance hair and skin clinic we are able to identify a fungal rash by examining it and speaking with you about your symptoms. Examining scrapes of a scale under a microscope frequently allows for the confirmation of the diagnosis.

At Radiance hair and skin clinic experts can choose the best plan of action for treatment and identify the problem. Using an anti-itch cream with steroids our experts will treat a fungal rash may make the illness worse and more challenging to treat.

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