Deep Folds

On the back of the neck and face region, deep creases are frequently seen. Face tissues sag because of deep creases. Deep creases are typically found in the lower facial region.

‘Excess of skin tissues’ is the major cause of deep skin folds. Skin tissues that are created in excess cause the skin to droop and take on the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, having too much body fat may also contribute to deep skin wrinkles.

Deep folds typically start off looking like lines, according to research. Deep folds may be anticipated if there are lines on the skin of the face and neck.

To address the issue of deep skin folds, a variety of treatment options are offered at Radiance skin and Hair clinic. Depending on the results of the patient’s clinical assessment, our professionals choose the best course of action.
Liposuction is an approach where it is determined that skin wrinkles are caused by an abundance of fat under the skin, liposuction is sometimes the best option. The superfluous and unwanted fat within the skin needs to be removed with this treatment approach. It is simple to get rid of skin wrinkles with this procedure.

Fillers is the the least intrusive way to address deep skin wrinkles is by using acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are utilized in this technique to restore the skin’s lost volume.

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