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How Moustache & Beard Hair Transplant Is Done To Ensure Quality Results

Some men are interested to keep thick and busy moustache as well as beard. This is considered as a matter of pride in some communities, while few customs require these appendages. People may experience hair loss from the face or there may be scarring from injuries, which would be a difficult aspect. There might be disease causing alopecia from the beard region or the upper lip moustache. Such people therefore become the right candidates to get hair transplant on their faces and come up with good growth of their hair in the most effective manner. To get the bushy and thick facial hair, it is necessary to have hair strands grafted onto the hair loss area. This will help in finding the best solution for getting a manly appearance with impressive beards and moustaches. But, getting the transplantation right is the basis of a good quality look. This can be done by experts in hair transplant, who work more in the zone of facial hair transplantation because of certain essential characteristics.

Making patients understand the process and answer queries about moustache hair transplant

Before the actual process of facial hair transplant is done, there has to be proper consultation and assessment by the doctor. This is done in the Radiance Hair Clinics, where experienced dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons can examine the scalp and the face, which are respectively known as the donor site and recipient site. Also, the strength of the hair strands is assessed, to know about their status and possibility of grafting. Only then the final settings for the transplantation are carried out. It is necessary to have the right hair from the donor site to ensure its longevity after implantation. This ensures the success rate of facial hair transplant.​

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During the assessment, the counselling of the patients is also done because they are not sure how the process actually would benefit them. They have various questions to be answered and this can be done during direct interaction with the doctors and also with the staff counsellors present at the clinic. People actually get lot of benefits by such an aspect because it gives them clarity on many things, and helps them understand the transplantation procedure in full. They are then eager to get the process completed and find it worth their money and time. Trust on the doctor and the staff of Radiance is also built up in this manner.

Need to set the transplant with high degree expertise for best results

The actual process of moustache hair transplant requires high level of expertise because of certain important aspects of these hair strands. These strands actually grow in certain particular direction, so that moustache looks bushy and well structured. For this to happen, the surgeons have to place the hair follicle in such a manner that its growth will be in the desired direction. The same goes for the facial hair, whenever transplantation is being considered. With this in mind, dermatologists at Radiance work on putting each individual follicle in the proper manner for the best results. Huge degree of expertise is therefore necessary for such transplantation and people need to visit Radiance Hair Clinics to get the desired moustaches with best results and longevity.

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