Body Hair Transplant

Transplantation of body hair in to scalp has been suggested as an option to treat extensive cases of baldness with poor donor scalp.

Can Body Hair Transplant For Head Scalp Become A Successful Model

Effective transplantation of hair on the scalp can be done with quality hair acquired from the back of head. While this is the most common way of finding suitable hairs to pick up and put in the balding patches, there can be alternative ways to get the hairs. Ideally, the back of the head donor site is suitable because the areas are not affected by testosterone hormone and therefore does not show hair fall. Thick bushy hair along this region, should be taken out carefully in different modes, such as in form of strips or individual hair follicles. After getting the hair transplant ready, the recipient sites are then cured to receive the implants. This goes on to show that the process of hair transplant is a very intricate process, along with being a work of expertise. People will try their best to get the Follicular Unit Extraction methods done on their scalp for regaining thicker and longer hair over their scalp.

Body hair has been used since the advent of FUE technique.

Assessing the need for finding the body hairs to be suitable for scalp transplants

But in some patients, the donor site hairs may not be suitable to be transplanted. This is known during the assessment of the scalp and the quality of hair. During this situation, the outcome might be anticipated that the hair will fall off when there is transplant done. So, it is decided that the donor sites have to be chosen from some other part of the body. The doctor and cosmetologist will show that the right place could be the hairs from the body, where the hairs are longer and possibly better suited for transplant. This type of body hair transplant is nowadays getting common in many patients, where the scalp donor sites are not suitable. Furthermore, the body donor sites offer a number of advantages, although the procedure of doing so remains the same as n scalp transplant.​

Procedure to take hair from the body and put in the head for better results

In the body hair transplant, the body hair is closely selected by punch grafts, where the individual follicles are picked up and then preserved using autologous rich bio solution to provide nutrition. Then one by one the follicles are put into the scalp which is made ready to receive the grafts. This kind of feature is an important aspect of transplantation and the overall procedure will have to be done with an eye on the donor and recipient sites. The cutting of the skin on the recipient site is important because of the need to get an early implant into the right places. The follicles will be smooth enough for getting nutrients and get into the proper places and in the right direction. Such care actually can be provided at Radiance Hair Clinics where the doctors or dermatologists have experience in such matters.

Decision to carry out body hair transplant important one for the patients and ascertained by the dermatologists

So, whenever there is a need to look into the prospect of hair transplant, the body hairs can be considered for the grafting. This is an important decision which actually helps lot of people for transplantation because of the lack of suitable hairs on the back of their head. In such scenarios, the doctors at Radiance try their best to take up graft from the body surface using local an aesthetic and then putting the individual strands on the scalp for fuller and bushier growth of hair.

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