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In the normal modality of hair grafting, there is a specific number of strands which is fixed at the recipient area. For a normal transplantation procedure, there is the graft possibility of about 40 to 50 hair follicles, which would deem sufficient for the given person. But some clinics and hair transplant surgeons are also providing high density hair transplant these days, which is also an important service by the renowned doctors at Radiance Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar. The idea behind the hi density hair transplant is to have more numbers of follicles put at a given point so that there is dense hair growth as a result of the transplantation. This is being opted by some people nowadays, with proper consultation and understanding the situation. In doing so, they get a lot of feedback and advice from the transplant surgeons. Going for the hi density hair transplant means that certain criteria need to be fulfilled. If the surgeon is having the right knowledge, then the assessment can be done when people demand this kind of hair transplant.

Hair follicles in this type of transplantation more than the normal grafting​

Very intricate handiwork goes into the process of hi density hair transplant because of the close set up in the particular recipient area. In contrast to the natural transplantation, in such varieties there is a greater number of hair follicles grafted. Usually about 90 – 100 hair follicles are put in a given area, especially in the frontal part of the head which has become bald more than other areas. Some people would want to have thicker hair than usual and they can be given this kind of transplant. The transplantation would also depend on the donor area hair density, because some people might be having thinner hair all through their scalp. For such people, it is not possible to come up with higher density of grafts. But, if the patient is right and the donor area is thick and dense, then the surgeons can make high density hair transplant quite easily.

Hi-density hair transplant requires expertise and proper patient assessment​

Carrying out the high density hair transplant requires high level of expertise which is present with our doctors at Radiance. This is because of the extensive training in many foreign clinics and long years of experience with variety of cases. When you are seeking to get thicker and bushier hair on the scalp, consult with our doctors and get the most suitable transplant. Depending on the suitability of the patient, this kind of transplant can be very easily carried out. Although this procedure would require a bit longer time to be carried out in comparison to the normal FUE and FUT methods, it still has better appearances when finished. Basically, high density hair transplant is a combination of Follicular Unit Transplantation with a bunch of follicles being put into the scalp at different places. This kind of feature is possible by expert hands and this is the service provided at Radiance. Proper assessment of the patient is required for this kind of procedure, because wrong patient selection in hi-density hair transplant can be disastrous for the patient and the transplantation usually fails. Therefore, if the patient candidate is right and the type of transplantation is good, then the results will be seen in form of thick and bushy hair.

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