Hair transplant in Sambalpur

The medical procedure followed to offer the best hair transplant in Sambalpur

Whenever you need to have treatment for hair loss, irrespective of the nature and place of occurrences, it is wise to be with us at Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics. We have clinics all over Odisha and all clinics have professional skin and hair specialists and modern equipment to offer the best hair treatment. If you desire to have the best hair transplant in Sambalpur, book online or call us at 0674-2552550 or +91-923-832-1888.

We follow the most modern medical procedure and equipment to offer the best hair transplant.

The medical procedure we follow​

As you reach our skin and hair clinics on the appointment date, our specialists will try to determine the cause of hair loss. There may be various causes like significant illness, injury, or surgery, over or underactive thyroid, hormonal fluctuation after pregnancy, use of anticoagulants, like warfarin, gout medications, chemotherapy, excessive vitamin A consumption, oral contraceptives, and antidepressants, fungal infections, medical conditions, such as lupus and diabetes or hereditary.​

To ascertain the actual cause of hair loss our specialists will ask you about your lifestyle, diet, and medical history. The assessment will help them to determine the cause of hair loss and the nature of hair loss treatment needed.​

The specialists can prescribe non-surgical options like mesotherapy and surgical hair transplants including micrografts and mini-grafts, scalp reduction, and skin lifts and grafts.​

Varied nature of hair transplant process ​

We are a clinic where you can have varied nature of the hair transplant process. We have the experience and knowledge to offer direct hair transplant, FUE hair transplant, Bio hair transplant, high-density hair transplant and bad hair transplant repair.​

Whatever may be the nature of hair transplant treatment advised you can expect to have advanced hair care treatment and can notice the miraculous result soon after having the treatment.

Radiance Clinics in Sambalpur

The new-age treatments using proven technologies will help you to have new hair and regain your confidence.

​We have a long list of satisfied customers all over the country and from abroad. If you chance to talk with any one of them, you can understand the professionalism and effectiveness of our hair transplant treatment.

We do not give false assurance. We let our clients know the cause, nature of treatment and obtainable results. So, a client knows beforehand what they can expect to have by having a hair transplant in Sambalpur at our skin and hair clinic.