Contact Dermatitis

An allergic response to a material or direct touch with it might result in the itchy rash condition known as contact dermatitis. Despite not being communicable, the rash may be quite unpleasant.

This response can be brought on by a variety of items, including cosmetics, scents, jewelry, and plants.

AT Radiance Skin and hair clinic, we recommend, you must recognize and avoid the source of your response in order to properly cure contact dermatitis. The rash often goes away in two to 4 weeks if the offending chemical is avoided. You might try using a cold, moist towel to calm your skin and other self-care techniques.By asking you about your symptoms and indications, our doctorswill determine if you have contact dermatitis. To find the root of your disease and learn more about the trigger chemical, our experts will also interrogate you. We will also conduct a skin examination to evaluate the rash.To determine what is causing your rash, our doctor could advise a patch test. Small doses of conceivable allergens are applied to adhesive patches during this examination. The patches are then applied to your skin. They remain there for two to three days. You’ll need to maintain your back dry throughout this period.

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