Removing facial wrinkles without surgery !

You work out. Eat healthy foods. Take good care of yourself as you age. But squint and frown lines around your eyes and forehead still appear, making you look tired and older than you feel. A simple anti wrinkle injection procedure at Radiance could eliminate those unappealing lines. We can now remove or substantially reduce some very prominent facial wrinkles without surgery. By injecting a small amount of dilute anti wrinkle into certain facial muscles, those muscles are temporarily weakened. Consequently, the wrinkles in the overlying facial skin flatten out and effectively disappear.

What Is Anti Wrinkle And How Does It Work?

Many of the wrinkles that develop on our faces as we age are a result of the repeated contraction of certain muscles of expression. This is particularly true for the wrinkles around the outer edges of our eyes, or crow’s feet, the horizontal lines across the forehead and the vertical frown lines. The contraction of the muscles of expression over many years cases the wrinkles in the skin that overlays them. Years of squinting, smiling, frowning, and worrying forms the wrinkles on the skin. These wrinkles are known as Dynamic Wrinkles. anti wrinkle acts on these wrinkles. When injected into the l muscle, it temporarily prevents that particular muscle from contracting causing the wrinkle to flatten and become softer.

Which Areas of the Face Can Be Treated?

Anti wrinkle can only be used to those muscles that are not critical to the normal function of the face. This limits treatment to wrinkles around certain areas of the face, such as the outer edge of the eyes (crow’s feet), forehead wrinkles and the vertical lines between our eyebrows or frown lines.

How Long the Injection Lasts?

The effects of a anti wrinkle injection last from twelve to fourteen months. When weakness of the muscle wears off, the affected muscle will again start to contract and the wrinkles in the overlying skin return. In order to maintain the desired cosmetic result, the injection process must be repeated as the effects of the previous injections wear off.

What Does Treatment With Anti Wrinkle Involve?

An anti wrinkle injection is an office procedure. There no down time or after care required. It takes about fifteen minutes to inject the muscles of expression that cause the wrinkles in the affected areas. Aside for mild redness and occasional bruising at the injection sites, there are no after effects. You can return to your normal routine after the injections without any restrictions in your activities. Avoid rubbing the injected areas; Approximately, one week after the injection, the wrinkles overlying the injected muscles start to disappear. There is nothing further required of you until the effects wear off, when the injections must be repeated to maintain the desirable cosmetic results.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Adverse Effects Of These Injections?

Anti wrinkle is extremely safe when used in the manner described and in appropriate medical setting. There are no systemic effects from the local injection of this material into the facial muscles of expression. Very rarely, an adjacent muscle to one that is injected is also affected, producing an unwanted result. This unwanted weakness is only temporary and wears off in about three weeks. It is important to remember that this is a medical treatment and should be administered only by a physician with in-depth familiarity with the facial muscles and their function.

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