Ingrowing Toe Nails

The corner or edge of a toenail develops into the tender skin, a condition known as an ingrown toenail. Soreness, swelling, irritated skin, and possibly an infection follow. Ingrown toenails frequently affect the big toe.

An ingrown toenail can hurt, itch, swell, and occasionally get infected surrounding the toenail.

Ingrown toenails are frequently treatable by you. If the pain is severe or spreading, our doctor can help you relieve your discomfort and avoid ingrown toenail problems.

You are more likely to experience ingrown toenail issues if you’re suffering from diabetes as well as another illness that reduces the blood supply to your feet.Based on your signs and symptoms as well as a visual inspection of the nail along with the surrounding skin, our doctors at Radiance Hair and Skin can determine whether you have an ingrown toenail. We will deploy the most powerful treatments that are also painless.Our doctor may gently remove the edge of the ingrowing nail and insert cotton, dental floss, or a splint below it. This helps the nail develop over the skin’s border and separates it from the skin above, generally taking two to twelve weeks.

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