Sagging Skin

Gravity, growing older, and volume loss lead to fat deposition and a decrease in skin suppleness. This is what causes the skin on your face to first slacken and then droop, giving everyone a square appearance.We change from possessing a V-shaped face to an A with the square being more pronounced in the lower part. Ageing and excessive fat deposition are also potential causes of a double chin.

Age-related facial squaring can be prevented by combining specialized procedures like Botox for the muscles of the masseter and filler for the contour of the face.

Try these less intrusive treatment alternatives with experts at Radiance skin and hair, if you don’t want to spend money on surgery since they don’t wound or tear the skin and there is little to no time for recovery. Many of these procedures may be finished by us in less than an hour, and you might only require one or two sessions to have pleasing results. Make an appointment with Radiance hair and skin clinic at our locations right away if you’d want to lessen the look of loose, sagging skin on your jawline. Depending on your needs, our experts will assist you in selecting the appropriate treatment solution.

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