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Creating The Best Procedures In Bio Hair Transplant For Long Term Intactness

Keeping and maintaining the hair strands during the process of transplantation is the primary bio solution of this particular procedure. Lots of developments have been made ever since the follicular extraction methods have been brought into the picture. At Radiance, we practice the best and latest in hair transplant surgeries for patients who opt for this and bio hair transplant is the latest update in the hair transplantation procedure. It takes a lot of patience and expertise to carry out the fine procedure of transplant. While we have experts in handling such delicate surgeries, we have also initiated the process of bio hair transplant for patients who would want such add on benefits.

How bio hair transplant is added to the FUE technique to gain better results​

In very simple terms, bio hair transplant is a process where the hair strands from the donor sites are treated to some extra nutrients called the bio media. This media is designed to be a rich formula for hair growth derived from autologous bio solution, where the strands from the donor sites are immersed before the transplant and then the serum is also applied over the areas where the recipient sites are located. Picking up or plucking hair follicles in the FUE or follicular unit extraction or transplant method is also done with finer instruments so that all the follicles are viable. This viability is further ensured by the means of adding biological medium into the hair roots so that these are productive in the proper manner.​

After the hair transplantation by the bio hair FUE method, the results are quite good. This is obvious because of the rich content in the fluid which bathes the hair follicles. There are many vitamins and immunoglobins present in bio solution which are essential for hair growth, for the growth of cells and for the nuclear material. So, when the hair follicles are immersed in the fluid prior to their implantation at the recipient area, the growth after the procedure is better. This aspect has been an important step in the world of hair transplant and if people are able to afford it, they would rather prefer some biological addition.

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