A hormonal issue known as PCODaffects women during their reproductive years. If you have PCOD, your periods could not be regular. Or perhaps your menstrual periods are particularly long. You could have an overabundance of the hormone androgen.

Along the ovary’s outer border, several tiny sacs of fluid form in people with PCOD. Cysts are what they are. In the tiny cysts filled with fluid are developing eggs. They are known as follicles. The follicles stop releasing eggs on a regular basis.Losing weight and receiving timely medical attention may help to reduce the chance of developing long-term consequences including developing type 2 diabetes as well as heart disease.The management of your concerns is the main goal of PCOD treatment AT Radiance Skin and Hair clinic. Obesity, sexual orientation, acne, or infertility is examples of this. Depending on the condition, we also offer medication or lifestyle adjustments that are necessary. Our doctor could also advise losing weight by following a low-calorie diet and engaging in moderate exercise. Even a small weight loss might be beneficial. We also have female experts for consultation and treatment of PCOD.

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