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Our aspiration has always been to provide the premium quality hair systems at a reasonable fee.

Tired of those bald spots and want to get rid of them? Tried different solutions but ended up with dissatisfaction? Looking for an efficient and affordable solution that really works? Welcome to Radiance Hair Clinics, Bhubaneswar. We have come up with one of the best and pocket-friendly solutions for combating baldness and thinning of hair that works efficiently i.e. hair patch.

A hair patch is a cap-shaped patch that is made using natural hair that covers the bald spots efficiently offering you a fuller hair look. Due to several reasons, many times medications do not help in re-growth of lost hair. And hair transplants are a costly affair, which everyone cannot afford. For such condition’s hair patch is the best bet as it is safe and easy to use. At Radiance Hair Clinics we make use of the finest quality of hair patch in Bhubaneswar to help our clients regain their lost confidence due to hair loss.

Hair Wig Vs. Hair Patch​

However, people often get confused between hair wigs and hair patches. Although both work in the same way still there are a few differences. The primary difference between the two is the area covered. While a hair wig covers the entire scalp, the hair patch covers only the bald spots on the scalp. For applying hair wig, the hair on the scalp is completely removed whereas, in case of hair patch, the natural hair surrounding the bald spot is cut down according to the need.​

Applying Hair Patch – The Process

For applying hair patches, the first step we carry out is by cutting the hair surrounding the bald spots and then cut the hair patch according to the size of the area. Cleaning of the bald spot is done where the hair patch is to be fixed. The hair patch can be applied through two different methods i.e. using glue and tapes and another way is by applying and fixing small clips and tapes on sides.

Why Hair Patch is Better?

The hair patch procedure is the better option as it is comfortable to stick the patches and there is no need of professionals for styling and hence can be done at the comfort of your home. Furthermore, it is a low-cost and painless procedure. You can remove and wear it as per your convenience. It can be applied easily and lesser time than hair wigs. And you can get any desired hairstyle.

What Makes Us the Best Hair Patch Clinic in Bhubaneswar?

We at Radiance Hair Clinics use the best quality and natural hair patch in Bhubaneswar to ensure the safety of our clients. Our experts have years of experience in hair patch procedures. Moreover, we offer customized hair patch techniques as per our client’s requirements.

Few Things to Remember

  • Maintain its hygiene.
  • Avoid stretching and pulling.
  • Avoid using cosmetics with hair patches.
  • Shampoo regularly to keep the scalp clean.
  • Apply conditioner and serum to maintain its quality.

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