The condition known as vitiligo results in areas of skin losing its color. With time, the discolored regions often enlarge. The condition might have an effect on any skin-covered area of the body. It can affect both the tongue and the hair.

Melanin often regulates the color of the hair and skin. Vitiligo is the result of melanin-producing cells dying or stopping to function. Vitiligo affects people of all skin tones, however individuals with dark or ebony complexion may notice it greater. The condition is neither contagious nor fatal. It could make you feel anxious or make you seem self-conscious.

With vitiligo therapy, the color of the affected skin may return.. However, it doesn’t stop further skin color loss or recurrence.

Our doctor will inquire about past medical conditions and potentially use a special lamp to inspect your skin.The type of therapy we offer will depend on your age, the location and amount of skin affected by the illness, how rapidly it is progressing, and the way it is impacting your life.

Although outcomes vary and are unexpected, medications and light-based we have the best treatments available to assist restore skin color or level out skin tone.

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