How To Get Youthful Skin On Face With Facelift Procedures That Are Invisible

Modern techniques have brought high quality facial aesthetic changes in the present day scenario. At Radiance Clinics, our cosmetologists have mastered the art of facelift of the invisible type, which can give the right appearances to the respective clients. It is about taking a particular case and then giving the facelift by absorbable threads and bringing on the right kind of results. More modernised approach is through use of fine thread contour or FTC threads in the form of web which are then added under the skin procedures.

Allaying the apprehensions of our clients about use of threads for facelift, our expert cosmetologists will first explain you in detail about the kind of procedure. This brings in confidence in the clients about the type of cases that would be carried out, so that patients get ready for facelift by absorbable threads or FTC methods.

Under the procedure of facelift by thread method, fine needle like holes and made and the absorbable and highly safe sutures are passed through at specific points. These will also depend on the type of skin lift that people would want. Hence, it is imperative that the assessment and the procedure of FTC should be undertaken by experts in the field. Over a period of 6 months time, the threads are all absorbed, but the effects of skin tightening can be seen from the very first day itself. For this reason, many women and few men are approaching our clinic for facelift through FTC thread method.

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