Neck Lines

The same process that causes face wrinkles also causes necklace lines. Wrinkles have both inherent and external sources. Genetics and biology are two of the underlying reasons of wrinkles. Based on your family history and a predetermined decline in collagen and elastin production that starts in your 30s, wrinkles will appear at a specific stage in your life. Wrinkles are a natural result of these changes.

Premature wrinkles can be avoided to some extent by controlling extrinsic factors. These factors include smoking, the sun, and pollution. These quicken the process of natural ageing when exposed to them. If you can avoid them, you’ll be able to delay the ageing process and maintain your youthful appearance for longer.

At Radiance skin and hair clinic, we use a few techniques to stop necklace lines from appearing too soon. Your skin will look better the sooner you implement these adjustments into your daily regimen. As with any wrinkles, preventing lines is always simpler and preferred than treating them.If you are utilizing the medicated items and taking all reasonable precautions to avoid necklace lines but you continue to have them in their final days you should consult our doctor for treatment. There are numerous expert procedures that we follow to may necklace lines seem better. If the lines appear severe, a combination of these remedies could be most effective.

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