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You may be suffering from hypo or hyperpigmentation. This depends on the amount of melanin produced in the skin. If you are suffering from any of these pigmentation issues it is best to be at our clinic to have ideal pigmentation treatment in Bhubaneswar rather than trying other ways or trying to use off-the-counter medications.

The conditions that can have treatment through pigmentation treatment in Bhubaneswar

Various types of pigmentations may be bothering you. If you are with us, at the ideal skin pigmentation treatment clinic, you can have treatment for all of those. It is possible to have treatment for the following at our clinic:

  • Natural pigment variation
  • Birthmarks
  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Age Spot
  • Tanning
  • Photodamage
  • Smoker’s melanosis
  • Acanthosis nigricans
  • Diffuse pigmentation
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation and a few others.

What Does Treatment With Anti Wrinkle Involve?

Is it possible to have permanent treatment at the best skin pigmentation treatment clinic? 

The treatment is generally possible to have through the use of oral pills and ointments. At our clinic, it is possible to have pigmentation treatment in Bhubaneswarof various types. It is possible to have skin lightening treatment, tropical use of hydroquinone or retinol, chemical peels, mesotherapy, use of oral skin lightening agents like glutathione with ascorbic acid, and treatment using fractionated lasers. q switched lasers etc .There are a few other treatments possible to have at the skin pigmentation treatment clinic depending on the area, location and extent of pigmentation.

The aspects to remember before having skin pigmentation treatment

There are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind before having skin pigmentation treatment at our clinic.

  • Our dermatologist/ cosmetologists  may decide to use a combination of various treatments after having a look at the actual cause of the pigmentation.
  • You need to follow the maintenance schedule that our dermatologists prescribe to have the best result.
  • Our dermatologists have years of experience and access to modern treatment modes to offer the best skin pigmentation treatment.
  • It is not possible to clear the pigmentation overnight, it will require some time.
  • The treatment is painless; however, the use of a laser may cause minimal discomfort and the use of local anaesthetic cream will give relief from it.

The cost to bear  

The cost of having skin pigmentation treatment at the best skin pigmentation treatment clinic is affordable and will not cut a hole in your pocket.   

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