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How Effective is Having Laser Hair Removal in Bhubaneswar

Shaving is an expensive and time-consuming method to remove hair and it often leads to painful razor burns. However, if you are with us at Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics, we can offer the best laser hair removal in Bhubaneswar helping you to avoid shaving for the removal of hair. We would help you to understand a few facts about this hair removal technique so that you can depend on us to have such a treatment.

How advantageous is laser hair removal? 

It is possible to remove 90% of hair growth when you have laser hair removal at our clinic. Using a laser not only removes the hair but also heats the hair follicles and makes it impossible for hair to grow from that particular follicle. There would be the requirement of a few sessions to have the optimal result. If you need to understand why multiple sessions are necessary, you need to know about how hair growth works.

laser hair removal Bhubaneswar

How does hair grow

There are 3 stages in hair growth. During the first stage, the hair grows actively. In the second stage, the growth of the hair stops and the hair bulb is pushed outward. During the last phase, the hair falls out. Laser treatment is effective for hairs in the first stage. So, as you have multiple sessions all the hair in the initial stage has removal. So, it is very effective to have laser hair removal.

The working nature of the treatment 

When you have laser hair removal at our clinic, a concentrated laser beam will pulse into the follicles. There will be the generation of heat and that permanently prevents the follicles from growing more hair. The hairs attached to the follicles will fall out. As the laser gets absorbed by the hair pigment, there will not be any damage to the surrounding tissues.

The number of sessions required 

The thickness and consistency of hair differs from person to person. So, does the number of sessions required. If you are looking to have a permanent removal of hair it is wise to have at least 6 sessions. Our specialist will have a look at the hair that you desire to remove and will decide the number of sessions required. The sessions occur at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks. So, if you are desiring to have the removal of hair for a special occasion you should not waste time contacting us.

Is the session painful? 

The sessions are not painful. You will be feeling some warmth and that is for a temporary period.

So, as you now know how effective laser hair removal is, do visit our clinic and have a consultation with our specialist.

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