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The Myths and Reasons for Hair Loss

We at Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics are the best hair loss clinic in Bhubaneswar have heard of various myths and reasons for hair loss. We intend to clear those myths so that one can come to our clinic without any mental hesitation.

Mental stress and trauma

It is a mistaken belief that mental stress or trauma is the root cause of hair loss. Men generally believe that after having mental stress, they start to lose hair. Some also believe that a physical blow or trauma is the cause of the loss of hair. However, we feel that what these people think is a misconception. Moreover, what they notice is a delayed reaction to a process that has already started. If we say the hair loss started before there was mental stress or trauma, we are not wrong. They began to notice the loss of hair in a state of heightened awareness. So, mental stress and trauma are not the actual cause of hair loss; however, they can speed up hair loss.

Faulty freeway system

Some believe that due to a poor supply of blood to the scalp, there is hair loss. They think that toxins accumulate in the scalp due to an inadequate blood supply, and the hair follicles do not get the required nutrients. This is also a misconception that people have. However, the actual fact is that every body part has an adequate blood supply, including the scalp. So, there is no connection between hair loss and low blood circulation.

Cleanliness is necessary for hairiness

This is also a misconception that people suffer from. It is not that cleanliness is necessary for hairiness. It is not that only persons with dirty scalps tend to lose hair. We notice that a person with a clean scalp also tends to lose hair. Daily use of shampoo can make your hair look attractive; however, it cannot prevent hair loss or help it regrow.

Loss of nutrients is the cause of hair loss

Many people believe they have hair loss due to a deficiency of nutrients. Hairs require nutrients; however, we get that from the food we eat. Therefore, there is no need for a dietary supplement to fulfill the loss of nutrients. Loss of nutrients can be a cause of hair loss, but the deficiency needs to be such that the person is dying due to a lack of food.

So, get out of these misconceptions, and if you feel you have abnormal hair loss, be at our hair loss clinic in Bhubaneswar. Our dermatologist will determine the actual cause of the hair loss and recommend the proper treatment for the same. You can expect to have new-age treatment using proven technologies at our clinic.

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