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Body Hair Removal

Body hair removal has become the trend nowadays. If you are trying to get rid of unwanted body hair, you have many hair removal practices. Various hair removal methods range from easy and inexpensive shaving to high-tech and pricey, like Laser hair removal. These methods work for every part of the body, every type of skin, and most important, at every budget. So if you are curious to explore the best practices, we are bringing all relevant information for you. Below is our detailed guide regarding body hair removal for men and women:

Best routines for smooth skin

Body hair removal techniques depend on your skin type. Hair removal methods give you little irritation if you have highly sensitive skin. To avoid that irritation and get smooth and silky skin, the following are some tips to implement while performing hair removal procedures:

Cleanse your skin

For performing any hair removal method, the skin must be cleaned properly. Wash your skin with soap and water to remove any bacteria or dirt that can cause irritating bumps, especially when you remove thick hair. Slough off dead skin cells so you can get the best possible results after hair removal.

Implement hair removal

Each hair removal procedure has its technique. If you are going to wax your hair, you’ll need to work with dry skin. A powder will help to give light moisture. On the other hand, if you are shaving, then wet your skin properly.

Skin pampering

If you have dry skin, moisturizer plays an important role in pampering your skin. After implementing the hair removal procedure, apply moisturizer on your skin properly. It is important to prevent your skin from infection, itching, and other irritations.

Methods of Body hair removal

The hair removal technique works to get a hair-free body. These hair removal methods totally depend on your hair growth. For instance, threading cannot remove long hair as this method is for small areas like brows. Let us discuss below widely:


Shaving is the most commonly used hair removal method because it is a painless method, unlike waxing and laser treatment. Shaving cuts off the hair from the surface of the skin. You can shave any area of the body easily and inexpensively.


Waxing is the body hair removal technique that uses hot wax to remove hair from the root. You can apply a warm wax or use strips over an area. You can wax any area of your body, including large areas such as legs, arms, back, etc. But removing wax can be painful.


Threading is a popular method to shape your eyebrows and get rid of unwanted hair on your face. A twisted hair catches the hair and pulls it out. Threading is not suitable for large areas.

For the best results, always try to go with professionals who are experts in each method of hair removal, like Radiance Skin and Hair Clinic, which has 15 years of clinical experience in numerous skincare treatments and hair treatments. We ensure that always gives you the best services. We can assist you with skin brightening, body hair transplant, body hair removal, facelift, body sculpting, and many more.

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