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Top 5 Ways the Millennial use for Better Hair and Skin

Healthy hair and skin are signs of youth and a properly nourished body. It signifies that you are careful about your diet and balanced life. And millennials specifically are very concerned about how their skin and hair look.

They make sure the skin and hair cells get proper nourishment and a healthy blood supply. Here are a few tricks they use to get better hair and skin.

Consume High Protein

Proteins provide the human body with the essential amino acids for producing keratin. This element is the basic building block for hair and skin cells. It not only boosts the healthy growth of skin and hair cells but also repairs damage. 20% of daily calories should be in the form of protein.

Other than calories intake, you can also use shampoo, conditioners, and skin creams to supply the nutrient directly.

Proper Cleansing Routine

Dead skin, pollution, dirt, and several other factors can affect your skin and hair. It can roughen them, damage them and, in many cases, cause hair fall or skin problems. Therefore, it’s crucial that you tackle proper care of your skin and hair. So, once in a while, open your browser, type in skin and hair specialist near me, and book an appointment.

The deep clean and a massage will increase blood flow and boost your cell growth. It will also ensure your hair and skin get optimal nourishment.

In Supplement in Diet

In present-day life, it’s hard to gain all the required nutrients from food alone. You need to add some supplements to your diet. You have to intake protein, vitamin A, antioxidants, and some amino acids. However, make sure not to use chemical-based or artificially made supplements or medication. They may have side effects in the long term.

It’s essential that you stick to all-natural and organic products.

Maintain Hydration

Water makes up a large portion of your body and is utterly essential for your hair and skin health. It is essential to flush out the toxins from your body and maintain temperature. Moreover, in the absence of water, skin can become dry and itchy. It will also become rough and lose its elasticity. Similarly, without water, the scalp can become prone to dandruff.

Therefore, make sure you drink a decent amount of water. It’s also essential that you use proper cream and serums to keep your skin and hair hydrated. Plus, avoid using harsh chemical-based soaps or shampoo on them.


Even with proper nourishment and care, there’s no certainty of getting healthy skin and hair. It is possible that the hair fall and skin problems you are having are not due to lack of care but due to genetics. And there’s no way you can alter your hormones or genetics.

However, there are alternatives to achieve your goals. You can go for professional skin treatment and hair treatment. We at radiance clinics are experts in both these aspects. We can help you with skin brightening, tattoo removal, body hair transplant, facelift, and much more.

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