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Botox Treatment

Are you suffering from wrinkles, early-aging signs and want a dermatologist’s recommended treatment for these problems? If yes, go for Botox treatment. Botox is an element filled around the eyes or in the forehead with an injection. This treatment has proven reliable and effective for providing you with glowing and anti-aging skin.

How does Botox Work?

As botox is injected into the skin, it blocks various signals from the nervous system to muscles. This blockage slows down the process of muscle contraction. Therefore, the injected muscles cannot contract. By preventing muscles from contracting, it slows down the formation of new aging lines for 4 to 6 months, provided you get treatment from an experienced and specialized dermatologist.

How to choose the right Botox Clinic?

It is suggested to get botox treatment from a specialized and experienced dermatologist. Many botox clinics claim for the best and supervised botox treatment. But if you want to get your treatment done by a trusted dermatologist, first check the reviews about their work from websites. Also, consider their qualifications and experience.

Radiance Skin and Hair clinics provide you with the best and safe botox treatment. Treatment is done by an expert and specialized dermatologist in our clinic. We also provide you with follow-up services for more reliability.

Are Botox Treatment Safe?

Botox is a toxin produced by botulinum. This toxin might harm your nervous system if you take it without the consultation of any specialist. But the risk of any undesired result is less if you took botox according to the prescription given by doctors.

Performing some basic activities in the right way can also prevent you from harmful results. These activities are:

● Avoid rubbing your face after treatment for at least 24 hours. Because rubbing the injected area may harm the nervous system.

● Keep your face upright after treatment for at least 6 hours and try to sleep upright.

● If you feel any pain after the treatment, it will get normal after a few days. So, avoid taking any pain-killer.

● Always cover your face to protect the injected area from direct sun exposure.

● Add various facial exercises to your routine workout for long-lasting results.

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