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Four misconceptions people have about laser tattoo removal in Bhubaneswar

We at Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics make it possible to have perfect tattoo removal in Bhubaneswar. We use laser technology to remove tattoos as this is the most modern method and is more effective than other removal methods. However, when our clients come to us, they have various misconceptions about removing tattoos using a laser. Some think that it is simple, while others believe it is painful. So, it is prudent to know what you can expect having tattoo removal done by us at our Bhubaneswar clinic.

Let us know about some of the myths and clear your doubts.

Every person claiming to be an expert is an expert-

Think about when you had your tattoo done. Did you go to any random artist to have it done? Definitely, the answer is NO. You did your research and then decided where to have your tattoo done. It is the same when you desire to have the tattoo removed. If you are in Bhubaneswar and be at any other clinic than ours, there is no certainty that the removal will be perfect. It is not that all can remove tattoos effectively. Our experts have the training to use the latest laser methodology and remove tattoos without causing any harm to your skin. We do not say that you blindly follow us; however, if you choose any other clinic than ours, please do enquire how effective they are in removing tattoos.

Laser methodology to remove a tattoo is painless

Whoever told you that using a laser to remove a tattoo is painless is lying. We at Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics want to be very clear about this: it is not an easy procedure. Think of when you had the tattoo done; was it not that you felt some discomfort? It is the same when removing it. However, our tattoo removal specialist makes proper arrangements so that the pain is not unbearable.

It is easy to remove any tattoo

The process of laser tattoo removal varies from person to person. Factors to consider will determine the effect and the number of sessions required to remove a tattoo effectively. As there are various factors to consider, it is not possible at the very inception the number of sessions needed to remove tattoos effectively. A few factors to consider to determine the number of sessions are the depth and density of the tattoo ink, the ink colour, where the tattoo is, and the metabolism and immune system of the body. If you hurry during the process, it will never be possible to have effective removal. Therefore, we never state the number of sessions required at the inception as it is impossible.

There is no necessity for any post care

Aftercare has a practical part to play in the tattoo removal process. The healing pace is different in different persons; however, there are aspects to care about so that the process can have some help. You need to clean and keep the area moist. It would be best if you also avoided swimming and direct exposure to the sun to not suffer from peeling or infections. We advise that it is wise to follow all the recommendations given by our tattoo removal expert to have effective removal.

So, when you come to our clinic, get rid of these myths and come with a free mind to have the best tattoo removal.

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