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Spending on Weight Loss is an Ideal Investment

We usually spend a considerable portion of our earnings on things like paying rent or loans, monthly bills, and food shops. Even after such spending, we have some money left. We save a part of that and may spend the rest on having a cup of coffee daily on our way to work, for Friday takeaway or drinks on weekends. These spending definitely contribute to our mental well-being; however, it does not improve our health. Instead, if you spend that spare money on your weight loss, then it will be a sound investment. When you are with us at Radiance Skin and Hair Clinics, the best weight loss clinic in Bhubaneswar, you can be part of our weight loss program. For doing such, you only need to curtail a part of your “unhealthy” expenditure to have a healthy life without being overweight.

Why rely on our weight loss programs?

We offer various weight loss programs. After discussing with our weight loss specialist, you can choose a program according to your convenience. Before going into the details of the programs, we would like to share that it will be possible for you to have a total return for the money you spend on losing weight at our clinic.

Let us share how we formulate the weight loss program for you.

Initial discussion

At the initial discussion, our expert weight loss specialist will discuss with you to know you and about your desire to lose weight. The discussion will help our specialist to determine the actual weight loss program that will be ideal for you. It is not that we only advise our clients to depend on specific diets, confining foods, calorie intake or activities; it is possible to lose weight by following other means.

Let us know how it is possible to lose weight at our weight loss clinic in Bhubaneswar. The weight loss programs of ours –

Pharmacological Interventions –
If you have both an increase in BMI and disease risk, then our weight loss experts prescribe this method of weight loss. They advise using two medications, Sibutramine and Orlistat, to induce safe weight loss.

Surgical weight loss –
Liposuction is a surgical way to reduce weight. This methodology uses a suction process to drain excess fat deposits.

Non-surgical weight loss –
Radiofrequency is a widespread method for body fat lessening, skin tightening, cellulite & stretch marks, with no pain, healing or healing time. This method is ideal for those who, even after maintaining a balanced diet, have problems with excessive weight. Our specialists have the capability to operate the latest machine to deliver RF energy.

Physical activity –
It is not that we only depend on medication or surgical methods. We even advise varied physical activities which will help one to lose weight.

Dietary intervention –
By having advice from our specialist about dietary intervention, it will be possible to restrict daily energy intake and develop a negative energy balance.

Modification of lifestyle –
We help set a particular diet regimen and exercise to lose weight. It is also possible to have behavior therapy at our clinic.

So, you can easily know how good an investment it is to be at our weight loss clinic in Bhubaneswar to have effective treatment. So, if you are suffering from obesity please do contact us and make judicious spending.

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